maanantai 13. tammikuuta 2014

Pieni palanen -haaste

Sain lokakuussa Pieni palanen haasteen Redroselta ja MinttuMaarian leipomuksista . Myöhemmin samassa kuussa sain myös Kay's Cookings'ilta saman haasteen :) Uusia "paljastuksia" en keksinyt mutta tässä on vastaukseni kysymyksiin.

Kay's Cookingsin esittämät kysymykset:
1. What is your favourite spice? Black pepper
2. Fruits or berries? Both but not citrus fruits
3. Would you rather take a holiday trip abroad or travel inside the borders? It’s depends on the destination :)
4. Movies or books? Both! :D
5. What's your favourite holiday? Our (me and my husband) holiday in Rome 2010.
6. If you could learn one language, what would it be? Russian language has begun to interest the recent
7. Is your glass half full or half empty? Half full
8. Evening at home or out in town? In this age ,D , evening at home but sometimes it’s relaxing go out in town
9. Favourite social media outlet (i.e. Facebook, Instagram..)? Facebook
10. A comedy or something deeper? I’m omnivorous :)
11. England or U.S.A.? England

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